GeoCode Your Data

Your customer is more than a name and number in your database – your customer has a postcode and that is the key to so much more information. But how do you turn your customer’s postcode into plottable data without it costing the earth? Simply give us a call.

We have a set of custom widgets and interfaces that together form our GeoCode Engine. With our engine, we can build you a custom GeoCoding solution.

  • If you want to plot your customers on a map, we can take your data and add GeoCode information for every address in your database. You can then plot your customers on maps, heatmaps and so much more
  • Want to let customers know where their nearest store is? We can create a number of solutions around enriching your data, emailing your customers at sign up or even doing a traditional postal mailing with offers linked to their nearest store.
  • Running a series of nationwide events and want to advise people of their nearest events? We can GeoCode your data and then serve up a list of the nearest 5 or 10 events to their current location, for example
  • Opening a new store and want to tell everyone in a certain radius about your launch event? We can help develop a cascaded campaign that focuses your marketing on the right people.

GeoCoding is a great way of personalising your customers’ experience of your brand.