Commvia announces equity investment and strategic partnership with Venture Stream

Gateshead, 5 June 2015 – Commvia, the e-commerce system specialist technology company based in Gateshead, is pleased to confirm that it has entered into a long term joint venture contract with Venture Stream, the Newcastle-based digital marketing and e-commerce specialist agency. The deal sees Venture Stream taking an equity stake […]



Briefing on PayPal SSL 3.0 payment problems 1

Summary PayPal plug a security vulnerability and reject 10,000s of valid transactions from being completed. Customers are charged. PayPal has the cash. But you get no notification that the order is complete. The paper looks at the issue, helps you diagnose if you have the problem and provides a fix […]

Fashion shoppers are use to seasonal changes in price, but will they put up with daily price changes?

Dynamic Pricing – look before you leap 1

Dynamic Pricing is the latest buzzword in e-commerce circles. You set or change your price as often as you like responding to consumer demand, market competition, your current market share, overstocks and any other business led reason you may have. To degree all retailers do it and the current ways […]

‘Don’t ask Dad, Ask the Pigeon!’ – the hyperlocal search engine

Gateshead, 30 July 2014 – Commvia is pleased to announce the launch of into its formal beta release programme – a hyperlocal search engine that provides information about any specific local area for users in the UK. Using data sourced from a variety of open sources, AskThePigeon provides a […]


Happy Birthday to the Postcode

So the postcode is 40 years old today – happy birthday to the unsung hero of the online revolution. The ubiquitous little set of digits may well have been invented 40 years ago but without it the online shopping revolution would have been that much harder for delivery companies, merchants […]

They all look the same but with a postcode on, you are much more likely to receive it.

WordPress 3.5 – Have you upgraded yet?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: a new WordPress release is available and it is heavy laden with all kinds of New Year treats to delight bloggers and developers alike. The WordPress team are calling this release “Elvin” in honor of drummer Elvin Jones, who played with John […]